Patron Rolls Out New Additive Free Seal

Reflective of an emerging trend in the tequila category, Patron has created a new “Additive Free” seal that will soon roll out across the brand’s portfolio.

This reflects Patron’s continued Additive Free endorsement from the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT), the industry’s governing body.

“Additive Free” means that the tequila uses only agave, water and yeast, and no sugar or chemical ingredients.

While the demand for additive-free products has increased, the surging popularity of tequila in recent years has pressured producers to make more tequila, faster. Compounding the issue, there isn’t a requirement for tequila brands to notify consumers when additives are used, should the additives remain less than 1% of the product’s total volume.

As a result, some producers have met the increased demand by mechanizing their processes or taking shortcuts, which must be corrected later by using commercial additives to enhance flavor and color.

The CRT sets the standard within the industry to safeguard the Designation of Origin of Tequila, both nationally and internationally, and to guarantee the authenticity of tequila for the consumer. To verify the endorsement, an analysis of the production methods conducted at Hacienda Patron was executed by the CRT.

As the governing body of tequila, the CRT evaluates each step of the Patron production process and the resulting tequila for traces of additives, such as glycerin, caramel coloring, vanilla, oak extract, and jarabe or sugar-based syrup. Some brands use these additives to expedite production and mask imperfections, such as making a tequila color darker to appear more aged.

“More than before, individuals are conscious of what they’re consuming: They want natural ingredients and to be confident in the manner in which they were derived to deliver a high-quality product that satisfies their needs,” says Patron Global Vice President, Innovation and Sustainability, Samantha Newby. “Patron has been additive free since its inception and it’s one of the many reasons why people gravitate toward it. As people continue to seek all natural, high-quality products, Patron is proud to once again be the leader of the additive free movement with this new Additive Free seal on our packaging.”

Patron’s new Additive Free seal will run on packaging across all core offerings, rolling out this fall.

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