Blue Cheese Burger

Get ready to be blown away by this Blue Cheese Burger! It’s thick, juicy, and filled with flavor. If you love blue cheese dressing, this recipe is for you! That unique tangy flavor is the perfect addition to the juiciest patty ever.

I love creating new and different burgers at home! They turn out even more delicious than what you can get at your local burger joint. If you’re looking to switch things up, try these recipes next: smash burgers, mushroom Swiss burgers, or Oklahoma fried onion burgers!

Side view of a burger with blue cheese dressing, bacon, lettuce tomato and onion on a crispy bun. All atop a wood cutting board with blue cheese crumbles.

Reasons You’ll LOVE This Burger Recipe

  • So Delicious: The combination of creamy, tangy blue cheese with the savoriness of the bacon and hamburger patty is truly a match made in heaven.
  • Versatile: You can easily cook this on a skillet OR a grill! Enjoy these burgers, no matter what the season! 
  • Quick and easy: These are so simple to make! You can have a hot, fat blue cheese burger ready in just about 30 minutes.

What You Need to Make Blue Cheese Burgers

Here is everything you’ll need to make this amazing blue cheese burger recipe. Grab some basic ingredients like ground beef, blue cheese, bacon, buns and your favorite fixings. So delicious, you won’t want burgers any other way! You can find the exact measurements below in the recipe card.

  • Blue Cheese: The star of the show! Blue cheese dressing and blue cheese crumbles add a distinct, yet delicious tangy flavor.
  • Ground Beef: Use 80/20 ground beef to give these burgers maximum flavor!
  • Salt and Pepper: To enhance and bring out all of the flavors.
  • Buns: You can use regular hamburger buns, brioche buns, ciabatta or whole wheat buns. 
  • Butter: For toasting the buns and making them deliciously buttery.
  • Butter Lettuce: Adds extra texture and freshness.
  • Red Onion: I like red onions best on burgers because they are milder and less pungent than white or yellow onions, plus they add a pop of color.
  • Tomatoes: Choose meaty large-sized tomatoes for burgers and slice them into rings.
  • Bacon: Salty and savory, crispy cooked bacon is so good on almost any burger!
Overhead view of ingredients with labels.

How to Make Blue Cheese Burgers

These blue cheese burgers are super easy to make! Start by mixing the blue cheese topping, then cook the meat and assemble. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you’ll have juicy burgers in no time!

  1. Make the Blue Cheese Mixture: In a small bowl, mix together the blue cheese dressing and the blue cheese crumbles, don’t break the crumbles down too much. Cover and place in the fridge while you prepare the rest of the burger.
  2. Prep: Divide the ground beef into 4 equal balls and shape into patties. Heat a griddle or cast iron skillet up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Cook the Patties: Place two patties on the hot griddle or skillet and season with salt and pepper. You can cook all of the patties at the same time if they all fit on the griddle.
  4. Prep the Buns: Cook the burgers 2-3 minutes on each side. Once the patties are cooked, butter and toast the buns on the same skillet.
  5. Assemble: Assemble from the bottom up; start with a toasted bun, then lettuce, onion, tomato, bacon, hamburger patty, a generous helping of the blue cheese mixture, and the top bun.

Tips and Variations

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are making blue cheese burgers, and also some ways to customize them to your taste preference.

  • Use a Different Patty: This recipe works great swapping the regular patty out for a turkey or veggie burger, for a vegetarian option just leave out the bacon and use a veggie burger.
  • Prep the Toppings: I recommend preparing the toppings before cooking the patties, so they are all ready to go as soon as the burgers are cooked.
  • Don’t Press: You might be tempted to press down on the patties while cooking, but this will squeeze out all of the juiciness that is meant to be inside the meat.
  • Let it Rest: Let the hamburger meat rest for 5-10 minutes after cooking to allow the juices to distribute throughout the patty.
  • Check for Doneness: The temperature of ground beef is ready to eat when it reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit. You can check this by using a meat thermometer!
Overhead shot of burgers without top bun loaded with blue cheese dressing.

Storing Leftovers

These Blue Cheese Burgers obviously taste the best fresh, but it never hurts to have a few extra patties on hand to reheat and eat over the next few days!

  • Store the Ingredients Separately: Leftover patties and toppings should be stored in separate airtight containers in the fridge for up to 3 days. 
  • In the Refrigerator: The bleu cheese mixture will keep for 1 week.
  • To Reheat Leftover Burgers: Reheat burgers over the stove on medium heat until warmed through or pop them in the oven for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, flipping halfway through the cooking time.
Close up side view of burger dripping with blue cheese dressing, toasted bun, lettuce, tomato, bacon and red onion.

What to Serve With Your Burger

Blue cheese burgers are great on their own or just with a pickle and some chips on the side. However, if you really want to enhance your burger experience, try making some of these easy sides!