Congratulations to our 2022 Culinary Nutrition Experts!

The 2022 term of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program has wrapped up and we are unbelievably proud of this year’s incredible community. Our 2022 culinary nutrition experts came from across the globe, with over 30 countries represented and everyone had an infinite level of wisdom and inspiration to offer.

The grand finale of the 2022 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, their final assignment, is a 2-hour live class facilitated by our culinary nutrition experts-in-training. This is an opportunity for our students to incorporate all of the skills they’ve learned throughout the semester and share what they know about culinary nutrition with family, friends, or coworkers.

It brings us tremendous joy to hear about how their classes went. Our students often feel:⁠

  • exhilarated⁠
  • totally in their element⁠
  • excited to teach again ⁠
  • proud and affirmed by the praise from their guests and the impact of the class ⁠
  • surprised at how much culinary nutrition knowledge naturally rolled off their tongues ⁠

Our students are always a little nervous about teaching a cooking class, but every year they are filled with elation and gratification after they totally rock it.

We are so proud to share photos of some of our students, of their smiling faces, delicious food and pride at a job well done!

Catherine Casey, Fort Worth, Texas

Catherine Casey Culinary Nutrition Expert
“Super happy with my workshop last night. It was a lot of fun! I made it interactive and everyone had a great time!! It pays to just be yourself and let your passion for all you’ve learned show!”

Ronia Restom, Elk Grove, California

Ronia Restom Culinary Nutrition Experts

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